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Communication Training

The term Communication has a wider meaning in modern context of corporate training. Communication is the foundation skill which every organisation seeks in its employees Communication Training domain of Enlight contains various subdomains. These modules are specifically developed on global standards for professionals and Freshers.

Our Training Methodology includes Interactive contains, activities, games, case studies and assignments. Enlight’s training modules are highly result oriented and implemented  after proper industry research. See More...


Behavioral Skills Training

Employees in corporate industry need to have specific skills that enable them to face the demands of modern working life. As UNESO researched the skills worker needs to address in order to create a happy and successful organisation includes various types of personal, professional and organisational skills. According to WHO depression will be the second biggest cause of illness by 2020. Equipping staff with necessary skills which help them to reduce work pressure and help organisation indirectly.

Enlight’s behavioural skills training have customised contents. Organisations are open to select any modules or skill sets. We do believe and follow TNA, the analysis of employees will help you and us to decide the training modules.

We follow standard corporate training procedures, our contents are updated regularly with industry changes. See More...


Customer Service Training

Customer service is more important than anything else in business. When an organisation decides to cut the cost on their different ventures or services then they should rely more on a best customer service which helps to their customers to stick with the brand. It builds the trust. 

It is more than just a price you levied on your product, it transforms your services into a brand and it always appeals to new customers.

We provide customer service skills training to the industries who directly deals with the end user. Our methodology and contents are regularly updated with the industry standards. See More...



Sales Training

Selling a product is not just a business process but a highly sustainable skill. It is more important and relevant today than ever before. Many sales persons are selling the same product and services which their competitors are selling. 

Customer needs something different. When you maintain the credibility of your product by convincing and promoting your services in a unique way there is large possibility to hold your customers for long time.

We at Enlight serve the sales and marketing people enhanced knowledge of selling. This training module contains many case studies, innovative selling ideas and lots of persuasive techniques. See More...

Voice & Accent Training (VnA)


VnA is specialized skill widely acquired by the professional who wants to serve in the customer service or IT industry. In india VnA training is more popular in BPO sector where associates deals with off shore clients such as American, Australian and many such nations.

Our Voice and Accent Training concentrates on the individual who are really interested and passionate about their English fluency. This training deal with different aspects of intonation stress, accents and accent neutralization techniques. Voice and Accent training is regularly conducted at our training centers and on our E-learning system. See More...


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