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Leadership Training

According to General Electric’s 2012 Global Innovation Barometer, which surveyed opinions of senior executives, most of the respondents agreed on the innovation is the main lever to create a more competitive economy. So this is the key skill every leader must have.

In the age of emerging leaders no one wants to fall behind. A leader inspires and motivates others, leadership is the symbol of integrity and honesty apart from all this, analyzing and solving the problems is the core task of a leader, they maintain the strategic outlook which guides their businesses.

Enlight’s Leadership training focuses on emerging leaders. It boosts their inbuilt skills in strategic plans, B2B negotiations, building professional network and many such areas. See More



Life Skills Training

The term ‘life skills’ is used with wider perspective. People search particular skill which they are lacking. These skills are subjective. Life skills helps individual of any age to transform his/her personality.

The training contents set of skills such as communication, community interaction, consciousness building, dealing with people, organising tasks, social responsibility, opinion building etc. life skills training boosts person’s credibility in the society. It also teaches financial management and develops entrepreneurial skills.

Life skill training is conducted at our training centre and via virtual classroom. SeeMore...


English Enhancement Program

Speaking in English language is no more a skill it is the need of modern society. More than 50% of Indian population is able to communicate in English. If you are not in that 50% then you should give hard efforts to learn it.

Enlight is pride to offer customized spoken English programs for undergraduates. These programs are specifically designed to gain higher level of proficiency in spoken English. This program primarily focus on the communicative development of English in the student.

The method we use in this program is based on the language acquisition process, which helps learner to acquire language instead of just learning it. See More...



IELTS Coaching

IELTS ( International English Language Testing System) is the standardised test conducted by British Council and Cambridge English Language Assessment. This is well known test globally taken by more than 2 million students and professionals every year. This Test’s score is widely considered by the various European and American Universities for the admission processes of higher studies. This test is acknowledged by many MNCs in recruitment process particularly for a non-native English speaker. IELTS Score can be very crucial to get work Visa for western countries.

Enlight offers IELTS Coaching Program for IELTS aspirants. It focuses on the testing aspects of the and communicative competence of the candidate. Candidate can choose IELTS Academic or IELTS General according to his/her purpose. See More...


TOEFL Coaching

Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS) an American Organisation all over the world via Internet and traditional classroom mediums. This Test is particularly taken by the higher studies aspirants who want to pursue their further education in U.S.A. however, there are many universities and institutes accept TOEFL Test score in their admission process.

Enlight’s TOEFL Coaching Program is an intense training on various aspects of TOEFL. The contents developed by us are of highly resourceful. Our team of experienced and professional trainers impart this training at our training centres and via virtual classroom. See More...



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   Our Learners' Thoughts About Us

"It was the first time that we have spoken with each other. I'm really satisfied with our session, it was great since I could discuss several topics with an amazing teacher" 

                                                             -Szabolcs, Poland (General English)

"We talked about many topics and it was so interesting. I learnt new words.Thank you for the amazing lesson!"

                                                            - Martina Gori, Russia (General English)

"very rich lesson we went deeply into topics such as economy,business and policy many thanks to the teacher's commitment"

                                                                - Jean Bismut, France (General English)