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Enlight Corporate To Campus Initiative

Enlight's Corporate To Campus Initiative is series of Non-Commercial Workshops for Engineering, Management, Arts & Science Institutes. This One Day Free Workshop deals with various sort of skills such as, interview skills, English Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence etc. 

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Campus Recruitment Training

Enlight offers training to the higher educational institutes such as engineering and management colleges. Our Campus Recruitment Program connects college to the corporate industry. It concentrates on the professional development of students, so they can lead the industry. These modules prepare students for their interviews. Also, gives them an overview of corporate industry, in terms of what is the corporate culture and how to sustain in it.

These modules have a student centric approach, so the methodology we use here is practical based training. Activities, case scenarios, games are some of the mediums we use to make the training effective.

Enlight is very particular in using contents of global standards our Campus Recruitment Training uses widely used models and delivery methods. See More...



Aptitude Training

Aptitude Test is a step during the candidate interview process. Most of the freshers find it difficult to crack the test, it happens because of lack of proper training done in aptitude skills. To solve this issue Enlight has started aptitude training for the undergraduates. 

This intense training gives insights of the aptitude test taken by the companies. It covers detailed aspects of aptitude such as Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Verbal Reasoning, Mathematical and Quantitative Skills etc.

We serve aptitude training with the help of our experienced and qualified aptitude trainers. Also by using quality training material. This is classroom training along with the ample amount of test resources provided online via e-learning network. See More...


Spoken English - Advance Level

Speaking in English language is no more a skill it is the need of modern society. More than 50% of Indian population is able to communicate in English. If you are not in that 50% then you should give hard efforts to learn it.

Enlight feels pride to offer customized spoken English programs for undergraduates. These programs are specifically designed to gain higher level of proficiency in spoken English. This program primarily focus on the communicative development of English in the student.

The method we use in this program is based on the language acquisition process, which helps learner to acquire language instead of just learning it. See More...



Placement Solutions- Enlight Job Junction

Nowadays human resource is a valuable asset. Corporations are very keen on selecting their workforce. Enlight offers placement service. Our placement cell is dedicated to provide highly qualified staffs which are passionate and career conscious. Staffing is not just a service for us it is an opportunity we see in changing the lives of our candidates by training them and placing them on the position they truly deserve.

We are striving to be the mediator for the institutes and companies. Companies need highly skilled industry ready professionals and we are developing the young minds accordingly. We've offered platform named Enlight Link-Up to our Candidates and Companies, Where Candidates can showcase their skills and competency virtually via online portfolio, video resume and much more. Enlight Link-Up is a free service for our clients. Companies can have access to our database of fresh, qualified also experienced candidates.  See More...


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