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What is Psychometric Test ?

Psychometric tests are being used since long time in various scientific researches. Nowadays Psychometric tests are giving useful contribution in the candidate selection process for many MNC’s and Indian Companies.

These tests are used at Pre-Interview Stage or Employee Productivity Evaluation after selecting an employee which is generally called Employee Psychometric Test.

It helps many HRs to recruit right candidate in the organisation. Eventually, It reduces cost and time not only in conducting recruitment process but by selecting right candidate HRs are reducing employee dropout rate.

Where and How it is used?

These Tests are used in Pre-Interview or Post Interview phase to select right candidate for the concerned job role.

Generally psychometric tests are conducted Online by the organisation itself or by the third party which is appointed by the organisation.

Benefits of the Psychometric Tests

By taking psychometric tests before your actual interview process helps you to know various levels of yourself like technical skills level, non- technical skill level. The reports generated after taking tests are very useful for a fresher to know where he/she will stand in the interview process so he/she can improve the weak areas. The reports generated can be used in the interview process. If you have good psychometric test report then you have good chances to get select in the job interviews

Which Major Segments it Covers?

Psychometric Tests are of various kinds. Fresher or Employee Psychometric Test covers major areas of technical and non-technical skills. For example, Behavioral test, Personality Test, Professionalism Test, Situational Judgment Test (SJT), Organisational attitude test. Aptitude tests like logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning, critical thinking etc. and Technical Tests which covers basics and advance level of technical knowledge of Engineering and Technology as well Business Management Domain.

About Enlight’s Psychometric Test for Freshers

Enlight Knowledge Network feeling glad to introduce our Psychometric Tests for Freshers. Which mainly deals with the Engineering Domains.

We have built these tests after careful study of various organisation’s Interview Processes.

Prime objective of these tests is to equip our fresh candidates with certain skills and abilities to showcase their talent at the interviews so that they would secure the job.

Features of Enlight Psychometric Test

  • Total 13 Tests
  • More than 300 Questions
  • Online Easy to Use Interface with Individual E-Learning Account
  • Additional Placement Assistance for 1 Year
  • Interview Skills Self Learning Modules
  • Easy and Detailed Analyses of Test Performance
  • Individually Created Reports by Our Assessors
  • Career Counselling

Method of Evaluation

Evaluation is the key to generate an effective psychometric report. Our Testing System evaluate every response given by the candidate during the test.

It not just provide you test score but evaluate the reason behind selecting the wrong option.

E.g. If you select a wrong option in a technical test we analyse your intention behind selecting that wrong answer because the options we have included in the tests are lead to a specific mental approach of the test taker.

This happens with the behavioural and Aptitude Tests too.

Psychometric Report

We execute this test on our online platform but the reports are generated individually by our assessor. Our Testing system provides data to our assessor then the assessor evaluates and analyses each and every test. Because we generate report individually it takes little time to provide you the report (usually in 2-3 Days) but we make it assure the quality of the report.

Test Report generally consists of various sections. Each test contains detailed analysis of your responses. It shows you a graph where you are good and which areas you need to focus more. Every Test report contains a personal note from our assessor which holds valuable message about your performance. The report is the main output you get after finishing the test.

After getting your report you can add Report Summary Sheet in your Resume so your recruiter will know what are your strengths. You can also insert this Test as an additional qualification in your resume.

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