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                            LAP Spoken English Program 

For Engineering & Management Undergraduates


Enlight's Spoken English- Advance Program

Speaking in English language is no more a skill it is the need of modern society. More than 50% of Indian population is able to communicate in English. If you are not in that 50% then you should give hard efforts to learn it.

Enlight feels pride to offer customized spoken English programs for undergraduates. These programs are specifically designed to gain higher level of proficiency in spoken English. This program primarily focus on the communicative development of English in the student.

The method we use in this program is based on the language acquisition process, which helps learner to acquire language instead of just learning it. 

Major Verticals Under Spoken English Program

  • Language Acquisition Process
  • Spoken Grammar
  • Easy English Tools
  • Conversational English
  • Business English
Language Acquisition Process

Language Acquisition Process Is a Scientific Study of How Human Beings Acquires A Language. In This Spoken English Program We use this systematic process which help learner not only to learn a language but he/she acquires it to retain it for long time. We focus on spontaneous reaction in terms of spoken English and this technique fulfills this requirement.  

Spoken Grammar
Easy English Tools
Conversational English
Business English


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