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Voice and Accent is an extended branch of English language learning which particularly related to English as Second Language (ESL) The prime objective of VnA is to help proficient speakers of English to make fluent with North American or British Accent.

The demand of VnA training boosted up because of rapid development in Outsourcing Industries. The basic critera of communication is to understand what a speaker is saying, by knowing and understanding different accents, individual can easily understand the communication.

The globalization of English Language creates the importance of Accent neutralization Training.  Enlight’s Accent Neutralization Training helps participants to speak in neutralized accent and removes mother tongue influence.

We are well known for creating Customized Training Solutions that fits and cater to particular challenges and issues faced by individuals and teams at all levels. We design and develop our customized training programs by using highly effective ADDIE Model. The sessions conducted by us is highly result oriented and follows range of training methodologies such as role-plays, group activities, case studies, videos and interactive presentation.